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Modern kit designs mocking tradition

The colours worn by their GAA teams are the most important identification for each of the 32 counties and they are guarded with a passion by Irish people.

Or at least they used to be until designers inspired by commercial interests began to mess around with the great traditional colour schemes that made counties famous... green and gold, black and amber etc.

Offaly had one of the most distinctive jerseys of all, being one of the few with three distinct colours, enhanced by being green, white and gold. But looking at Offaly on Saturday night, I was shocked to see the abominable design worn by the team – a concoction of the original colours so far removed from the traditional hoops as to be unrecognisable.

Now, Offaly may have dropped to the lower ranks in football but the least they can do is retain the basic appearance of their iconic jerseys that have brought so much success in the past in football and hurling.

Hopefully Saturday's jerseys were a once off.

Irish Independent

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