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Meath civil war rages over who should manage county team


Eamonn Barry

Eamonn Barry

Eamonn Barry

CIVIL war erupted in Meath football last night after former boss Eamonn Barry insisted that the Royals have "lost their decency" with how they have treated Seamus McEnaney ahead of tonight's vote on his future as county manager.

And Barry insisted that it is county chairman Barney Allen who should be under fire instead of the Monaghan man. Allen is in his fifth and final year as Royals chief, having previously served as secretary for many years.

Barry was a member of the county's management committee last year, and he laid the blame for the Royals' predicament squarely at Allen's door and called on the Meath clubs to leave McEnaney in situ until the end of the championship.

"For six months last year, at first hand, I saw how business was conducted by Barney and the Meath county committee, and I stated to a meeting that there was a total lack of open-ness, transparency and accountability.

"And it now appears that we have even lost our decency by the manner in which we have treated Seamus McEnaney."

Barry has had a number of run-ins with the board since his tenure as Meath manager ended in 2006.

At county convention earlier this year, he was barred from standing for the position of coaching officer, a position he had held for 2011, after it was ruled that he wasn't a registered member of the Walterstown club and therefore ineligible.

There was confusion among some clubs yesterday over exactly what format tonight's vote will take.

Meath secretary Cyril Creavin stated that one vote would be taken, with the removal of McEnaney and the appointment of Boylan coming under the same motion -- though a number of clubs are known to have voted on the issues separately.

As the clubs are being asked to over-rule a decision previously made by the county board, a two-thirds majority is required to end McEnaney's tenure.

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