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Tuesday 21 November 2017

McGurn wants lean machine

Donnchadh Boyle

Donnchadh Boyle

RENOWNED physical trainer Mike McGurn, who is currently part of Armagh's back-room team, believes GAA sides should avoid bulking up.

The Orchard County side that won the 2002 All-Ireland were noted for their size but McGurn has seen the focus shift in recent years.

"Maybe back then they were doing more body-building weights. We have been doing more power-based weights because we don't want them getting any bigger. I don't think being that big is conducive to Gaelic football and particularly the style that we play which has a lot of running involved."

As part of Anthony Tohill's back-room team for the International Rules series, McGurn reckons the squad chosen should be in excellent shape.

"From what I gather a lot of teams are training really well and that's good to hear because you really don't want to abuse a player. I don't think players are getting abused any more -- training is getting shorter, sharper and the players are getting better looked after.

"It's very beneficial for me being involved with the International Rules later this year because players will come to us very well conditioned."

McGurn agreed that Sunday's NFL Division 2 final clash with Down is the perfect preparation for their May 16 championship opener against Derry.

"It's great to get a game like this because it's worth 10, 20 training sessions to you. It's great to come down to Croke Park on Sunday because we have a lot of young lads and it will be great for their development as a GAA player to experience it," he added.

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