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McCarthy eye on Sam haul

AFTER picking up his first Celtic Cross last Sunday, Dublin half-back James McCarthy has set his sights on matching his father John's haul of three All-Ireland winner's medals, writes DONNCHADH BOYLE.

"He has three so I have a while to go yet, but hopefully I'll get there," said James. "Proud as punch he was. He'd give you a few words of advice, but he'd leave me alone normally. He's delighted."

McCarthy junior, who made his championship debut against Laois this year, carried a quad injury, which he picked up in training on the Tuesday before the final, into the match. "I've never been so nervous in my life, my knees were rattling before the match. I think I touched the ball after 10 seconds and I settled down. It was great. It's an unbelievable occasion."

"When we were four points down I was thinking 'not again'. It was going to be hard to come back but Kevin (McManamon) came in and came up with an unbelievable goal, brilliant, what a way to win it."

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