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McCaffrey magic - Player ratings from Dublin's demolition job on Tyrone


Jack McCaffrey

Jack McCaffrey

Jack McCaffrey

Dublin and Mayo will do battle once again in Croke Park on the third Sunday in September following after the defending champions dismantled Tyrone yesterday. Here is how the players rated.


Stephen Cluxton 8

Didn’t put a foot wrong all day and made a late penalty save to ensure a clean sheet.

Philip McMahon 8

Typically robust in defence and Tyrone’s system meant he could get forward.

Cian O’Sullivan 7

Continually gets into the right position. Has mastered the sweeping role.

Mick Fitzsimons 8

Detailed to pick up Tyrone’s main outlet in the full-forward line in Mark Bradley and he didn’t give an inch. One of the best man-markers around.

Jonny Cooper 7

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Unusual game for him in that he effectively had no one to pick up but defended smartly.

John Small 8

Lived on the edge with his marking of Peter Harte and picked up a yellow in the process but severely limited Harte’s influence.

Jack McCaffrey 9

Tyrone’s system opened the door for McCaffrey to attack and he flourished. His pace caused Tyrone endless headaches.

Brian Fenton 8

Hugely efficient and diligent. Hardly ever gives the ball away.

James McCarthy 8

Picked up Seán Cavanagh early on and followed him when he went into the edge of the square and he kept the Tyrone talisman quiet.

Ciarán Kilkenny 8

Conducted the orchestra in a composed manner. Rarely wastes the ball and contributed a point.

Con O’Callaghan 8

O’Callaghan has long been talked about in Dublin circles as one of the best talents they have produced in recent seasons and delivered in spades here. Showed composure beyond his years for his goal.

Niall Scully 8

Justified his inclusion. His last act was to make a crucial interception to deny Tyrone a goal chance.

Paul Mannion 8

Physically imposing, Mannion offered Dublin great width in attack and was excellent in the tackle.

Paddy Andrews 7

Kicked two nice points in the first half but influence dipped a little as game wore on.

Dean Rock 7

Reliability from frees makes him invaluable to Jim Gavin. 


Paul Flynn 7 kicked three points and might have had a goal too (for Scully 44).

Kevin McManamon 7 hit the crossbar with a goal attempt (for Andrews 45).

Eoghan O’Gara 7 Grabbed a goal as Tyrone tired for Rock (62)

Eric Lowndes (for Mannion (66)

Diarmuid Connolly (for O’Callaghan 69)



Niall Morgan 7

Made a good save to deny Paul Flynn and could do little for either goal. Solid outing.

Aidan McCrory 6

Was detailed to pick up Dean Rock but was part of a Tyrone rearguard that was shipping water from early on.

Ronan McNamee 5

Struggled on Paddy Andrews early on as Tyrone’s defensive system struggled.

Cathal McCarron 5

Picked up Paul Mannion at the beginning but couldn’t get to grips with him.

Tiernan McCann 6

His pace has been a huge part of Tyrone’s attacking plan but he couldn’t bring it to the table here. Kicked a brilliant long-range point early on.

Pádraig Hampsey 6

One of Tyrone’s better players this year, he was so busy plugging gaps that he couldn’t get forward to join the attack.

Peter Harte 5

Got it hot and heavy from John Small who didn’t allow him into the game. Saw his penalty saved to cap a tough day.

Colm Cavanagh 7

Offered as much as he could in defence and attack but needed more help. Never stopped and contributed two points.

Conall McCann 5

Was the first man off when Mickey Harte reshuffled things. Never got to the pace of the game.

David Mulgrew 5

Tyrone took a chance and pitched the teenager in at the deep end but he struggled for traction.

Niall Sludden 7

Kicked two points but also gave away the ball needlessly for the crucial first goal. Kept going to the end.

Kieran McGeary 5

Another who struggled with the pace of things. Didn’t emerge after half-time.

Mark Bradley 5

Tyrone needed a huge game for Bradley but Mick Fitzsimons smothered him and they had no outlet.

Seán Cavanagh 6

Struggled around midfield and got little joy when switched into full-forward. Withdrawn on 55 minutes and is set to retire after 89 championship appearances, the most for an outfield player.

Mattie Donnelly 5

Another of Tyrone’s big players who couldn’t get into the game.


Declan McClure 6 kicked a couple of costly wides early in the second half (for Conall McCann 29)

Rory Brennan 6 struggled to make an impact (for McGeary h-t)

Darren McCurry 7 Little joy for McCurry (for Mulgrew 41)

Ronan O’Neill 6 Couldn’t make an impact (for Bradley 49)

Conor Meyler 6 Came on as Tyrone chased lost cause (for Seán Cavanagh 55)

Padraig McNulty (for McNamee (61)

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