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Martin Breheny: Shoot for the stars and baffle hawk-eye

IT remains to be seen if Hawk-Eye is called on to adjudicate on a point/wide when he gets his first official GAA outing in the Leinster football quarter-finals in Croke Park on Saturday.

One interesting, plus anomalous, aspect of Hawk-Eye's application to gaelic games arises from the goalpost sway factor, which can be up to a metre at the top on a windy day.

Irrespective of the sway, a point will be awarded as usual if the ball is inside the post. However, if it's above the top of the post, Hawk-Eye will operate off a vertical beam continuing upwards off perfectly straight posts.

It means that on a windy day, there could be quite a variation on what might be flagged as a point/wide between a ball that's below the top of the posts as opposed to a high-flier that zooms above the top of the beam.

Trust the GAA to baffle old Hawk-Eye!

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