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MacLochlainn calls for 'square ball' rule change

KILDARE have been on both sides of the incorrect 'square ball' decisions in the last 12 months, and defender Andriú MacLochlainn believes the rule, in its current format, is unenforceable.

Benny Coulter scored a key goal against the Lilies in last year's All-Ireland semi-final that should have been disallowed, then Graham Geraghty's effort for Meath against Kildare 10 days ago was ruled out.

And Ellistown man MacLiochlainn wants the rule changed to avoid further confusion.

"I think it's nearly humanly impossible to be outside the square when the ball's coming into it (and then get into the square to meet the ball)," he said. "I don't see the point in the rule. The square is so small, and the ball is travelling at such pace, that it's nearly impossible to get a goal that's going to be legal."

MacLochlainn feels that the rule trialled in the league last year that allowed players in the square after the ball was kicked was more practical.

"It's more practical in that when someone kicks the ball you've legitimately got a chance of getting in to get a score, but the other way is extremely difficult," he said.

"How could the person travel as fast as the ball? It's impossible. I don't see how it's possible. It's just a small thing, but things that have affected games in the past."

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