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Louth chairman O'Connor says levy is not a sign of cash turmoil

LOUTH GAA chairman Padraig O'Connor has denied that the Wee County has serious financial problems, even though it has just taken the unusual step of asking all clubs to pay a monthly levy believed to be as much as €200 each.

O'Connor said the decision to ask clubs to contribute monthly to the running of the board is designed to give them a deeper involvement in the county's future and is not because of any financial crisis.

"What we are asking, and we already have general agreement on it, is for our clubs to invest in the overall running of the board," O'Connor said. "We feel this will give clubs a deeper involvement."

It is not unprecedented for a county to levy its clubs for financial support but this usually comes in the form of a once-yearly payment.

O'Connor said Louth preferred to spread what he termed their "contributions" across the year to lessen the burden on clubs, adding that as soon as the board are in a position to do so they'll lift the levy.

Louth have also confirmed that McCabe Builders will continue their sponsorship of the county teams for the coming season.