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Limerick's luckless streak against Munster's big two

Limerick have beaten and drawn with Cork (only to lose the latter in extra-time) and drawn with Kerry in the last nine seasons.

They have lost five games by a point, one by two points and three by three points. They have led in several big games only to be caught near the end.

The only teams to have beaten them in Munster since 1998 are Kerry and Cork. Here's Limerick's tale of woe since 2002:


Kerry 0-14 Limerick 1-7

(Munster quarter-final)

Mayo 0-13 Limerick 1-9


Four points shy against Kerry, Limerick were desperately unlucky against Mayo in the qualifiers.


Kerry 1-11 Limerick 0-9

(Munster final)

Armagh 4-10 Limerick 0-11


Limerick beat Cork by 10 points in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in what was their best Munster experience for many years but found Kerry a different proposition. Armagh hit them them for four goals a week later.


Kerry 1-10 Limerick 1-10

(Munster final)

Kerry 3-10 Limerick 2-9 (replay)

Derry 0-10 Limerick 0-7


Darragh O Se's famous catch over the crossbar as a late Limerick free was about to win the game saved Kerry in the drawn tie. Limerick led by seven points in the replay but were reined in and lost by four. Six days later they were in no mood to take on Derry.


Kerry 2-10 Limerick 0-10

(Munster semi-final)

Derry 0-13 Limerick 0-9


It was as if the hangover of the 2004 disappointment prevented Limerick from reaching optimum performance levels.


Cork 0-9 Limerick 0-5

(Munster semi-final)

Westmeath 0-13 Limerick 1-9 (qualifiers)

Limerick held Cork to 0-9 but suffered an attacking power failure before losing by a point to Westmeath.


Cork 2-14 Limerick 0-7

(Munster quarter-final)

Louth 0-14 Limerick 0-13


A poor performance against Cork was followed by a return of Limerick's haunting scoreline -- the one-point defeat.


Cork 2-9 Limerick 0-12

(Munster semi-final)

Kildare 1-11 Limerick 0-11


Limerick led Cork by 0-12 to 0-9 after 69 minutes but were hit by late goals from Daniel Goulding and Graham Canty. They then lost by a goal to Kildare in the qualifiers.


Cork 2-6 Limerick 0-11

(Munster final)

Meath 1-13 Limerick 2-9


Two further one-point defeats in games where Limerick had enough chances to win.


Kerry 1-17 Limerick 1-14

(Munster final)

Cork 0-16 Limerick 1-11

(qualifiers -- after extra-time)

Seven points down against Kerry at the three-quarter stage, Limerick fought back to draw level against the wind. They missed several chances to go ahead before Kerry kicked on to win by three points. The gods then mocked Limerick by pairing them with Cork, the eventual All-Ireland champions. Limerick forced them to extra-time before losing by two points.

Martin Breheny

Irish Independent