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Lilies revive warm-weather training

Kildare could be preparing for a Division 2 league final with the sun on their backs as they finalise plans to take in a 10-day warm-weather training camp in Portugal.

The popularity of warm-weather training camps has waned in recent years because of cost and GAA rules that stress that no team can organise a training camp abroad after the league finals have been completed or unless they are within 13 days of a championship match.

But with a three-week break between the last round of the league and the Division 2 final, Kildare are planning an extensive training camp in Portugal from April 13 to 23 to advance their championship preparations.

The Lilywhites meet Galway on Sunday in what is effectively a Division 2 'semi-final', with the winners guaranteed a final place against Tyrone on Sunday, April 29.

Mayo are also embarking on a warm-weather training camp to Portugal during those three weeks.

Meanwhile, Seanie Johnston's latest transfer application to leave his home club Cavan Gaels to go to St Kevin's in Kildare may not be discussed by the Cavan County Board within the 10-day window allowed for them to make observations.

Cavan had a county board meeting last night, at which the draws for the local championships were made, but have no plans to hold a management meeting in the foreseeable future.

If the 10-day deadline expires without a Cavan response, the transfer documentation will return to the GAA's Central Competitions Controls Committee for consideration.

With no Cavan concerns expressed, unlike last January, Johnston's prospects of becoming a St Kevin's and by extension a Kildare player would increase considerably.

His new application is understood to have improved evidence of his residency status in Straffan, including toll receipts which indicate that he is travelling by the M3 to and from Cavan from Straffan on a regular basis.

If Johnston's request is acceded to this time -- and it appears those prospects are much stronger than in January -- he may still have to first play with St Kevin's in the championship before he can play with Kildare.

A Central Council sponsored motion to next week's Congress proposes that any player seeking an inter-county transfer must play championship with the club he is transferring to first. If, as expected, this is approved it will come into force within one month of Congress and be applicable from the middle of May.

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