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Johnston transfer saga likely to end up with DRA

SEANIE Johnston's protracted transfer attempt looks increasingly likely to end up in the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA) after the latest twist in the saga.

Johnston thought he had succeeded in getting a club transfer from Cavan Gaels to Kildare club St Kevin's last week when the Central Appeals Committee (CAC) granted his appeal against the Central Competition Control Committee's (CCCC) decision to refuse it on the grounds of residency and 'ethos'.

However, the CAC only upheld his appeal on a technicality -- on the grounds that there had been no formal objection to his transfer by either Cavan Gaels or the Cavan board within the proper deadline.

They did not overrule the CAC on the residency issue and, for this reason, the CCCC volleyed the case back to them earlier this week for clarification.


The CAC met on Wednesday evening, but there was still no white smoke last night.

The Irish Independent understands that the CCCC are sticking firmly to their original stance on Johnston's residency and will not be turned on it, which means it looks increasingly as if the case is going to end up being decided by the DRA, the independent disputes resolution body that is the GAA's final arbiter.

There was speculation that Kildare County Board would bring forward the second round of their local club championship to facilitate Johnston's eventual inter-county transfer (he must play local club championship before he would be eligible for the Lilywhites), but this has not happened.

The draws for the second round of the Kildare football championships were made on Wednesday night, but no date has been set for them.

St Kevin's, the club to whom Johnston is trying to transfer, have got a tough second-round draw as they face Sarsfields, who are stinging after suffering a shock first-round defeat by Naas.

Kildare are scheduled to play Offaly in their Leinster SFC opener on June 17.

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