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'It was definitely the worst I've seen on the field'

A PLAYER caught up in the brawl that marred a GAA semi-final says it was the worst thing he had ever experienced on the pitch.

The experienced Dromid Pearses player said: "They wanted to get under our skin. From the throw-in, a few of their players had a feel of our liathroidis.

"That's what they were at before the ball had even been thrown in. They went out with the intention of trying to upset us."

He added: "It was definitely the worst I saw on the football field. I have never seen anything like this before. I don't think football was made to be played like this."

Sunday's All-Ireland junior football championship semi-final in Portlaoise erupted into violence between the sides just before half-time, with spectators joining in from the stands.

And during the brawl, Dromid's Denis O'Sullivan suffered a fractured cheekbone and Thomas Curran was left with concussion.

The Dromid player, who didn't want to be identified, told the Irish Independent last night: "Down here in south Kerry teams are training ahead of the new season and football is starting again in three weeks' time but I don't want to see a ball or look at a ball for a good while.

"I just want to forget about football for a while because what happened on Sunday has made me wonder why I play it.

"You have to ask yourself if it's worth it, when you see what happened to our players, and to see mothers and kids frightened in the stand.

"That's not what football is about."

And the player called on the GAA to take action.

He said: "We will see how good the GAA are now. From what I have heard Derrytresk are no strangers to fines, but what good is another fine now?

"Let's see what the GAA will do, they need to show they mean business."

Irish Independent