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Inter county cruciate ligament victims 2010 - 2011

Dublin football

Mark Davoren (rehab)

Paul Brogan (recovered)

James Brogan (rehab)

Paul Griffin (recovered)

Dublin hurling

David Treacy (rehab)

Stephen Hiney (surgery)

Shane Stapleton (rehab)

Kildare football

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Dermot Earley (rehab)

Peter Kelly (rehab)

Michael Conway (rehab)

Ken Donnelly (rehab)

Rob Kelly (recovered)

Meath football

David Bray (surgery)

Longford football

Paddy Thompson (rehab)

Martin Brady (recovered)

Joe McCormack (recovered)

Peter Foy (recovered)

Kilkenny hurling

Henry Shefflin (rehab)

John Tennyson (rehab)

Carlow football

John Murphy (recovered)

Brian Murphy (recovered)

Carlow hurling

Denis Murphy (recovered)

Cavan football

Martin Reilly (surgery)

Wexford hurling

Eoin Quigley (recovered)

Down football

Ambrose Rodgers (rehab)

Derry football

Jim Conway (surgery)

Gavin McLoughlin (recovered)

James Conway (rehab)

Gavin McClaughlin (rehab)

Leitrim football

Emlyn Mulligan (recovered)

Tyrone football

Damien McCaul (recovered)

Fermanagh football

Barry Owens (recovered)

Eamonn Maguire (rehab)

Barry Owens (recovered)

Eamon Maguire (rehab)

Mayo football

Conor Mortimer (rehab)

Galway hurling

Adrian Cullinane (recovered)

Sligo football

Johnny Davey (rehab)

Michael McNamara (rehab)

Eugene Mullen (rehab)

Cork football

Colm O'Neill (surgery)

Kerry football

David Moran (surgery)

Tipperary hurling

John O'Neill (recovered)

Clare football

David Connole (rehab)

Waterford football

Ger Power (rehab)

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