Tuesday 20 February 2018

'Hunger' an issue for Dublin -- Brogan

Colm Keys

Colm Keys

Dublin's Alan Brogan has acknowledged hunger could be an issue for some Dublin players after their climb to the summit last month.

The climb has personally taken Brogan 10 years as an inter-county senior footballer and now he admits that the hunger question is something he and his more senior colleagues won't be able to answer until next year.

The Opel 'Footballer of the Month' for June is hoping the drive will come from the team's younger recruits in the next 12 months.

"I think that hunger is a problem for any team that has been starved of success and then they win.

"It's going to be difficult for us. It's something we won't address now. We'll address it in January. There is a young team there now, they don't really know anything else only winning football matches.

"They haven't had the same sort of defeats that a few of the older lads have had, so I think those guys are the ones that will really push the older fellas on to try and win more.

"We'll worry about that in January, but I don't think there will be anyone leaving the panel."

Brogan is resigned to missing out on the international rules trip to Australia later this month because of club commitments with Oliver Plunkett's/Eoghan Ruadh.

"It's not going to be a runner. We play on October 16, the international rules team flies out six days later.

"We haven't given it much thought at the moment. At the moment, all we can do is concentrate on the club stuff.

"It's the last-16, there are still four rounds to be played, and all going well, you'd expect to be in the shake-up somewhere along the line there. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."

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