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Harte gives Armagh some food for thought

ST Mary's provided the shock of the Dr McKenna Cup last night when they not only defeated Armagh, but played the Division 1 side off the pitch at the Athletic Grounds.

Paddy Tally's men never looked like losing and while their goalkeeper Niall Morgan -- who also scored two points -- can be credited for eight goalmouth saves, the students always maintained a composed yet enterprising manner.

Two goals from Gareth Swift was enough to prevent Armagh from an embarrassing defeat and, with a league encounter against Dublin taking place on February 5, they will have to vastly improve if they are to stand a chance.

Peter Harte's penalty helped St Mary's to 1-7 to 1-4 lead at half-time and while Armagh were denied numerous goal attempts, St Mary's boasted the personnel to chip away points at the other end.

SCORERS -- St Mary's: P Harte 1-2, K Mossey 0-4, N Morgan, K Connelly, B Doyle, R Keenan 0-2 each, B Herron, G Teague 0-1 each. Armagh: G Swift 2-1, R Grugan, C Vernon 0-2 each, M Mackin, A Duffy 0-1 each.

St Mary's -- N Morgan; C O'Hara, P Martin, O McArdle; C Campbell, B Canavan, B Doyle; C Doyle, M McKenna; B Herron, K Mossey, P Harte; G Teague, K Connelly, R Keenan Subs: O Mac Iomhair for Teague (49), R McAnenly for Morgan (66).

Armagh -- J McCullough; V Martin, K Toner, D McKenna; P Duffy, K Dyas, J Feeney; J Lavery, C Vernon; R Grugan, C Watters, A Duffy; J Murtagh, G Swift, S McDonnell. Subs: O'Neill for Murtagh (h-t), M Mackin for Lavery (49), C Clarke for Watters (55), G McParland for Grugan.

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