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Guide to the international rules series

1 Teams have 15 players on the pitch but can draw from a panel of 24 on an inter-change basis, using a maximum of 10 per quarter.

2 A goal is worth six points; an 'over' (when the ball is kicked over the bar) is worth three; a 'behind' (wide of the main posts but inside two other posts) is worth one.

3 Games last 72 minutes (four 18-minute quarters).

4 A player who fields the ball is awarded a 'mark'.

5 Four handpasses are allowed, after which the ball must be kicked.

6 A player must bounce the ball at least once every 10 metres or six steps. He may bounce the ball on a maximum of two occasions but may toe-tap (solo) as many times as he wishes.

7 Tackling a player above the thighs and below the shoulders is permitted. Slinging an opponent to the ground is not allowed and will be punished with a red card.

8 A yellow-card offence will result in a player being sin-binned for 10 minutes with no replacement allowed.

  • Tonight's game will be shown live on TG4 and Eurosport. (Throw in 7.0)

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