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Garda set to appeal following Sigerson expulsion

GARDA College are almost certain to appeal the decision to throw them out of the Sigerson Cup competition over a player eligibility row.

The GAA's Higher Education committee expelled Garda College following consideration of an objection by Carlow IT to the eligibility of Westmeath's Graham Dillon.

Garda's Sigerson Cup quarter-final tie with Cork IT was called off yesterday and it remains to be seen what happens next in a row which centres on the complex rules of eligibility for the prestigious competition.

Garda chairman Pat McCabe said yesterday that they were considering their position. They have until Saturday morning to lodge an appeal and it's highly likely they will contest the expulsion. The Sigerson Cup finals are due to be hosted by Carlow IT the weekend after next but the latest crux could put them in jeopardy if the Garda case drags on through various appeal channels.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Dunne and his CCCC colleagues should be removed from office according to former Roscommon star, Tony McManus.

This arises from their decision to award Meath and Dublin the League points from their cancelled games against Cork, a ruling that impacts on the other teams in the group.

In his column in the 'Roscommon People' McManus describes the decision as blatantly wrong and accuses Croke Park of "staying silent in the hope that the little teams (like Roscommon) will go away and accept their fate.

"I suppose they believe that everyone in the GAA should know that Dublin and Cork are more important than the rest of us. They also knew that Meath would not be bullied.

"If it was Cavan and Roscommon that were involved rather than Dublin and Meath I would put a fair wager on that they would be forced to play Cork.

"I am disappointed that the other five teams in the group were not as vocal as John Maughan. Meath stood their ground and so did Dublin and they got their way," writes McManus.

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