Saturday 23 November 2019

GAA rules experiments

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1 Advantage. The referee will raise his arm to show that an advantage is being played. However, once a referee signals an advantage, he cannot call play back and award a free.

2 Throw-ins will not take place closer than 13 metres from the sideline to avoid the unsightly tussles which often take place in a confined space close to the line.

3 On the "fair charge" rule, the words "shoulder to shoulder" to replace "side to side" to avoid inconsistent application.

4 Players may enter the small rectangle ahead of the ball in open play. However, the existing rule will remain in place for frees, '45s', '65s', sidelines etc.

5 The half-time and full-time whistle will not be blown until the ball has gone out of play to avoid the controversy which arises when play is brought to a halt while a team is attacking.


1 Open-handed pass abolished and replaced with fist pass.

2 A player who makes a catch from a kick-out between the two 45-metre lines is entitled to a free. He can either pause before he takes the free kick, as with any other free, or move the ball quickly if it's an advantage for him to do so.

3 Rule on the bounce to be tightened up so that a player must catch the ball after bouncing it. It was felt that the current rule allowed players to continue bouncing the ball without catching it which led to inconsistencies in interpretation.

4 Penalty kicks to be taken from 11 rather than 13-metre range.

5 All kick-outs to be taken from the 13-metre line.


1 A hand pass must involve releasing the ball and transferring it with a "definite striking action of the hand" so as to make it easier for referees to judge whether the ball has been thrown illegally.

2 The penalty for stepping outside the small rectangle when taking a puck-out will be changed from awarding a '65' to the opposition to throwing the ball in on the 20-metre line in front of the goal.

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