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GAA fixtures 2014

January 25

* Táin League, Rd 1

January 25/26

* AIB All-Ireland Intermediate and Junior Club semi-finals

February 1

Allianz NFL – Rd 1

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Derry v Tyrone, Dublin v Kerry

Division 2: Down v Monaghan

Division 3: Cavan v Fermanagh

* Táin League Rd 2

February 2

Allianz NFL – Rd 1

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Cork v Westmeath, Kildare v Mayo.

Division 2: Laois v Donegal, Louth v Armagh, Meath v Galway.

Division 3: Longford v Roscommon, Sligo v Limerick, Wexford v Offaly.

Division 4: Carlow v Tipperary, Leitrim v Antrim, Waterford v Clare, Wicklow v London (1.0)

February 7 (Fri)

Allianz NFL – Rd 2

Division 2: Armagh v Down (8.0)

February 8

Club SHC semi-finals

Connacht v Munster, Leinster v Ulster

Allianz NFL – Rd 2

Division 3: Fermanagh v Sligo, 7.0

* All-Ireland IHC JHC Club finals

* Táin League Rd 3

February 9

Allianz NFL – Rd 2

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Cork v Kildare, Kerry v Derry, Tyrone v Mayo, Westmeath v Dublin

Division 2: Galway v Donegal, Louth v Laois, Monaghan v Meath

Division 3: Limerick v Longford, Offaly v Cavan, Roscommon v Wexford

Division 4: Antrim v Wicklow, Clare v Leitrim, London v Carlow, Tipperary v Waterford

Inter-provincial HC Semi–Finals

Connacht v Munster, Leinster v Ulster (Parnell Park), time TBC.

* All-Ireland IFC, JFC Club finals

February 15


(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Tipperary v Waterford

Division 1B: Cork v Limerick

Club SFC Semi–Finals

Connacht v Munster, Leinster v Ulster/Britain, time TBC

February 16

Allianz NHL – Rd 1

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Galway v Dublin, Clare v Kilkenny

Division 1B: Antrim v Wexford, Offaly v Laois

Division 2A: Derry v Kerry (1.30), London v Westmeath, Kildare v Carlow

Division 2B: Mayo v Fingal, Wicklow v Meath, Armagh v Down

Division 3A: Donegal v Fermanagh, Monaghan v Longford, Louth v Roscommon

Inter-provincial FC Semi–Finals

Connacht v Munster, Leinster v Ulster (Páirc Tailteann), times TBC

February 21/22

* GAA Annual Congress (Croke Park)

February 22

* Sigerson Cup finals (Queens)

Allianz NHL – Rd 2

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1B: Laois v Cork

February 23

Allianz NHL – Rd 2

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Dublin v Clare, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Waterford v Galway

Division 1B: Wexford v Offaly, Limerick v Antrim

Division 2A: Kerry v Kildare

Carlow v London (1.0), Westmeath v Derry

Division 2B: Fingal v Armagh, Down v Wicklow, Meath v Mayo

Division 3A: Fermanagh v Louth, Roscommon v Monaghan, Longford v Donegal

Allianz NFL – Rd 5

Division 4: London v Clare

* Inter-provincial FC final

February 28/March 1

* Fitzgibbon Cup finals

March 1

* Scór na nÓg All-Ireland finals (Castlebar)

Allianz NFL – Rd 3

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Dublin v Cork

Division 2: Down v Louth, Laois v Galway, Meath v Armagh

* Táin League Rd 4

March 2

Allianz NFL – Rd 3

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Derry v Westmeath (2.30), Kildare v Tyrone, Mayo v Kerry

Division 2: Donegal v Monaghan

Division 3: Longford v Fermanagh, Roscommon v Limerick, Sligo v Offaly, Wexford v Cavan

Division 4: Antrim v Waterford, Clare v Wicklow, Leitrim v Carlow, London v Tipperary

Allianz NHL – Rd 4

Division 2A: Derry v London (12.30)

Allianz NHL – Rd 2

Division 3B: Warwickshire v Tyrone

* Inter-provincial HC final

March 8

Allianz NFL – Rd 4

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Dublin v Kildare

Division 2: Armagh v Laois

March 9

Allianz NFL – Rd 4

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Cork v Derry (12.45), Kerry v Tyrone, Westmeath v Mayo (2.30)

Division 2: Donegal v Meath, Galway v Down, Monaghan v Louth

Division 3: Cavan v Sligo, Fermanagh v Roscommon, Limerick v Wexford (3.0), Offaly v Longford

Division 4: Carlow v Antrim (12.45), Tipperary v Clare, Waterford v London, Wicklow v Leitrim

Allianz NHL – Rd 3

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Kilkenny v Galway, Waterford v Dublin (2.30), Tipperary v Clare (2.30)

Division 1B: Cork v Offaly (2.30), Laois v Antrim, Limerick v Wexford (1.15)

Division 2A: Carlow v Derry (2.30), London v Kildare, Westmeath v Kerry (12.45)

Division 2B: Wicklow v Armagh (12.45), Down v Mayo, Meath v Fingal

Division 3A: Monaghan v Louth (12.45), Roscommon v Donegal, Longford v Fermanagh

Division 3B – Rd 1: Tyrone v Leitrim, Sligo v Warwickshire

March 15

Allianz NFL – Rd 5

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 2: Armagh v Monaghan, Laois v Meath

Division 4: Waterford v Leitrim

Allianz NHL – Rd 4

Division 1A: Dublin v Kilkenny

March 16

Allianz NFL – Rd 5

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Derry v Dublin, Kildare v Kerry (2.30), Mayo v Cork (2.30), Tyrone v Westmeath

Division 2: Down v Donegal, Louth v Galway (2.30)

Division 3: Limerick v Fermanagh, Longford v Cavan, Roscommon v Offaly, Wexford v Sligo (12.45)

Division 4: Carlow v Wicklow, Tipperary v Antrim

Allianz nhl – Rd 4

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Galway v Tipperary, Clare v Waterford

Division 1B: Wexford v Laois (2.30), Antrim v Cork, Offaly v Limerick

Division 2B: Kerry v Carlow, Kildare v Westmeath (12.45), Fingal v Down, Mayo v Wicklow (12.45), Armagh v Meath

Division 3A: Fermanagh v Roscommon, Donegal v Monaghan, Louth v Longford (12.45)

Division 3B – Rd 2: Leitrim v Sligo

March 17

* All-Ireland Club SFC & SHC finals (Croke Park)

March 23

Allianz NHL – Rd 5

(2.0 unless stated)

Division 1A: Kilkenny v Waterford, Tipperary v Dublin, Clare v Galway

Division 1B: Laois v Limerick, Cork v Wexford, Offaly v Antrim

Division 2A: Carlow v Westmeath, London v Kerry, Kildare v Derry

Division 2B: Down v Meath, Wicklow v Fingal, Armagh v Mayo

Division 3A: Roscommon v Longford, Monaghan v Fermanagh, Louth v Donegal

Division 3B – Rd 3: Leitrim v Warwickshire, Sligo v Tyrone

March 29

Allianz NFL – Rd 6

(7.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Dublin v Mayo

Division 2: Meath v Down

Division 3: Cavan v Roscommon

* Táin League Rd 5

March 30

* Allianz NHL Div 1 quarter-finals & 5th v 6th place play–offs (1A, 1B & 2B)

Allianz NFL – Rd 6

Division 1: Cork v Tyrone, Derry v Kildare, Westmeath v Kerry

Division 2: Donegal v Louth, Galway v Armagh, Monaghan v Laois

Division 3: Fermanagh v Wexford (1.0), Offaly v Limerick, Sligo v Longford

Division 4: Antrim v London (1.0), Clare v Carlow, Leitrim v Tipperary, Wicklow v Waterford

April 5

* Masita Post-Primary Schools SH finals (Thurles)

* Allianz NHL Group 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B finals

April 6

Allianz NFL – Rd 7

(3.0 unless stated)

Division 1: Kerry v Cork, Kildare v Westmeath, Mayo v Derry, Tyrone v Dublin

Division 2: Armagh v Donegal, Laois v Down, Louth v Meath, Monaghan v Galway

Division 3: Fermanagh v Offaly, Limerick v Cavan, Roscommon v Sligo, Wexford v Longford

Division 4: Antrim v Clare, London v Leitrim , Tipperary v Wicklow, Waterford v Carlow

April 12

* Masita Post-Primary Schools SF finals (Croke Park)

April 13

* Allianz NFL semi–finals (Division 1 only)

* Allianz NHL promotion/relegation finals: Div 1B (play-off loser v Div 2 champions), Div 2B (play-off loser v Div 3 champions)

April 19

U-21 FC semi–finals

Ulster v Leinster, Munster v Connacht

* Táin League Knockout Rd

April 20

* Allianz NHL Division 1 semi–finals

April 26

* Allianz NFL Divisions 3 and 4 finals

* All-Ireland Scór Sinsear finals (Castlebar)

* Táin League finals

April 27

* Allianz NFL Divisions 1 and 2 finals

All-Ireland sHC qualifier group – Rd 1

London v Carlow, Ruislip; Antrim v Westmeath, Antrim (venue TBC)

May 3-5

* National Hurling Academy

May 3

* All-Ireland U-21 FC final

Christy Ring Cup Rd 1

Kildare v Wicklow, Mayo v Armagh, Meath v Down, Kerry v Derry

Nicky Rackard Cup Rd 1

Louth v Monaghan, Donegal v Roscommon, Sligo (bye), Tyrone (bye)

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 1

Leitrim v Longford, Warwickshire v Fermanagh

May 4

* Allianz NHL Division 1 final

All Ireland SHC qualifier group – Rd 2

Westmeath v Laois, Cusack Park, Mullingar; Carlow v Antrim, Dr Cullen Park

Connacht SFC championship

New York v Mayo, Gaelic Park

May 6-10

* Team Promotion Nights

May 10

* Christy Ring Cup Rd 2A & 2B

* Nicky Rackard Cup Rd 2

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 2

Longford v Warwickshire, Fermanagh v Leitrim

May 11

All-Ireland SHC qualifier

group – Rd 3

Antrim v London, Antrim (venue TBC), Laois v Carlow, Portlaoise

May 17

* Christy Ring Cup quarter-finals

* Nicky Rackard Cup quarter-finals

* National Football Academy Day 1

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 3

Leitrim v Warwickshire, Longford v Fermanagh

Leinster SFC

Westmeath v Louth, Mullingar

May 18

All-Ireland SHC qualifier group – Rd 4

London v Laois, Ruislip; Carlow v Westmeath, Dr Cullen Park

Ulster SFC

Tyrone v Down, Healy Park;

Connacht sfc

Roscommon v Leitrim, Dr Hyde Park

Leinster SFC

Wicklow v Laois, Aughrim; Longford v Offaly, Pearse Park

May 24

* Christy Ring Cup semi-finals

* Nicky Rackard Cup semi-finals

* Christy Ring Cup relegation play–off (Rd 2B losers)

* Nicky Rackard Cup relegation play–off (quarter-final losers)

May 25

Munster SHC

Cork v Waterford, Semple Stadium

All-Ireland SHC qualifier group – Rd 5

Westmeath v London, Cusack Park, Mullingar; Laois v Antrim, Portlaoise

Ulster SFC

Derry v Donegal, Celtic Park;

Connacht SFC

London v Galway, Ruislip

May 29-June 2

* Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta (Moycullen, Galway)

May 31

Munster SFC

Limerick v Tipperary, Gaelic Grds

June 1

Leinster SHC

Wexford v qualifier group winner; Galway v qualifier group runner–up

Munster SHC

Tipperary v Limerick, Semple Stadium

Ulster SFC

Fermanagh v Antrim, Brewster Park

June 7/8

Munster SFC

Clare v Waterford, Cusack Park, Ennis

Leinster SFC

Longford/Offaly v Wexford, Pearse Park/Wexford Park

June 7

Leinster SHC quarter-final

Kilkenny v Offaly, Nowlan Park

* Christy Ring Cup final

* Nicky Rackard Cup final

* Lory Meagher Cup final

June 8

Leinster SFC quarter-final

Kildare v Westmeath/Louth, Croke Pk; Dublin v Wicklow/Laois, Croke Pk

Ulster SFC

Armagh v Cavan, Athletic Grds

Connacht SFC

Roscommon/Leitrim v Mayo/New York, Hyde Park/Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada

June 14

* Ring, Rackard, Meagher Cup promotion play-offs

Leinster SHC semi–final

Dublin v Wexford/group winners

June 15

Munster SHC semi-final

Clare v Cork/Waterford, Semple Stadium/Gaelic Grds

Leinster SFC

Carlow v Meath, Dr Cullen Park

Ulster SFC

Monaghan v Tyrone/Down, Clones/Páirc Esler

June 20/21/22

* Féile na nGael (Ulster)

June 21/22

Munster SFC

Cork v Limerick/Tipperary, Gaelic Grds/Páirc Uí Chaoimh; Kerry v Clare/Waterford, Cusack Park/Fraher Field

June 21

Connacht SFC

Sligo v Galway/London, Markievicz Pk

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 1A (preliminary rd if required)

June 22

Ulster SFC semi-final

Derry/Donegal v Fermanagh/Antrim

Leinster SHC semi–final

Kilkenny/Offaly v Galway/group runner-up

June 27/28/29

* Féile Peil na nÓg (Connacht)

June 28

Ulster SFC semi-final

Cavan/Armagh v Down/Tyrone/Monaghan

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 1B

* All-Ireland SHC Rd 1 (2 games)

June 29

Leinster SFC semi-finals

Longford/Offaly/Wexford v Dublin/Wicklow/Laois, Croke Park; Westmeath/Louth/Kildare v Carlow/Meath, Croke Park

July 5

* All-Ireland SHC Rd 1 (2 games)

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 2A

* National Football Academy Day 2

July 6

* Munster SFC final

* Leinster SHC final, Croke Park

July 12

* All-Ireland SHC Rd 2

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 2B

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 3A

July 13

* Connacht SFC final

* Munster SHC final

July 19

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 3B

* National Hurling Academy Day 2

July 20

* Ulster SFC final

* Leinster SFC final

July 26

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 4A

(Connacht finalists v Rd 3A winner; Munster finalists v Rd 3A winner)

* All-Ireland MHC 'C' final

July 26/27

* All-Ireland MHC quarter-finals

July 27

* All-Ireland SHC quarter-finals

(replays August 2/3)

August 2

* M Donnelly All-Ireland Poc Fada final (Annaverna Mountain, Ravensdale, Co Louth)

August 2/3/4 (Sat/Sun/Mon)

* All-Ireland SFC Rd 4A

(Ulster finalists v Rd 3B winner; Leinster finalists v Rd 3B winner)

* All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

(Connacht v Rd 4A winner, Munster v Rd 4A winner)

* All-Ireland MFC quarter-finals

(replays August 9/10)

August 9

* All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

(Ulster v Rd 4B winner, Leinster v Rd 4B winner)

* All-Ireland MHC 'B' quarter-finals

All-Ireland JFC semi-finals

Connacht v Munster; Britain winner v Leinster

August 10

All-Ireland SHC semi-final

Leinster v QF winner

* All-Ireland MHC semi-final (teams TBC) (replays August 16/17)

August 16

All-Ireland IHC semi-final

Galway v Munster winner

* All-Ireland MHC 'B' semi-finals

* National Football Academy Day 3

August 17

All-Ireland SHC semi-final

Munster v QF winner

* All-Ireland MHC semi-final (teams TBC) (replays August 23/24)

August 23

All-Ireland U-21 HC


Connacht v Leinster; Munster v Ulster

All-Ireland U-21 HC

'B' semi-finals

Leinster v Ulster; Munster v Connacht

* All-Ireland JFC final

August 24

* All-Ireland SFC semi-final

* All-Ireland MFC semi-final (teams TBC) (replays Sept 6)

August 30

* All-Ireland IHC final

* National Hurling Academy Day 3

* Croke Park Classic – Penn State v Univ of Central Florida

August 31

* All-Ireland SFC semi-final

* All-Ireland MFC semi-final (teams TBC) (replays September 6)

September 6

* All-Ireland MHC 'B' final

September 7

* All-Ireland SHC final

* All-Ireland MHC final

(replays, Sat, September 27)

September 13

* All-Ireland U-21 HC final

* All-Ireland U-21 HC 'B' final

September 14

* All-Ireland Camogie Championship finals

September 21

* All-Ireland SFC final

* All-Ireland MFC final

(replays, Sat, October 4)

September 28

* All-Ireland Ladies finals

November 29/30

All-Ireland Club JFC quarter-final

Britain v Connacht

December 7/8

All-Ireland Club IHC quarter-final

Britain v Leinster

December 13/14

All-Ireland Club SFC quarter-final

Britain v Connacht

January 11, 2015

All-Ireland Club JHC quarter-final

Britain v Munster

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