Monday 23 April 2018

GAA deny screen saver after controversial error during Leinster Final

Croke Park adamant TV replay played no part in O’Gara point U-turn

Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

THE GAA are insisting that the big screen was not used to correct an error after a Dublin point had been waved wide in Sunday's Leinster football final.

The crowd thought that the awarding of a point to Dublin from an Eoghan O'Gara kick in the 53rd minute, which had been signalled wide, resulted from a re-run being shown on the big screen -- but Croke Park are adamant that was not the case.

"Maurice Deegan (linesman) brought it to the referee's attention that he was convinced it was a point. It had nothing to do with the big screen. Maurice had a very good view from where he was standing and felt straight away that it was a point," said GAA communications manager Alan Milton.

Under GAA rules, a video re-run cannot be used to determine any facet of play in the course of a game, but it looked very much as if that was the case on Sunday. The incident was shown almost immediately on the big screens, so the 69,656 crowd knew before the point was finally awarded that an error had been made.

Controversial incidents usually aren't shown on the big screen in Croke Park but O'Gara's kick was flashed up almost immediately, clearly showing the ball looping inside the post. However, it was waved wide by an umpire after referee Marty Duffy appeared to instruct him to do so.

However, following consultation with Deegan, the decision was reversed and Dublin were awarded a point.

Ironically, Hawk-Eye was being trialled at the game but played no part in the decision. Now, Croke Park claim that the re-run on the screen wasn't part of the decision-making process either.

That has to remain the official position as there is no provision in rule for decisions to be reached after checking a screen.

However, the incident is certain to reopen the debate on whether video technology should be used to settle disputes involving scores/wides. The fact that a clear determination could be reached so quickly on Sunday will strengthen the case for those who are advocating the introduction of technology aids.

O'Gara-gate: why it could have long-term implications.

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