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GAA clamp down on 'Scrap Saturday'

The GAA has taken the unusual step of banning clubs from running potentially lucrative scrap collections on insurance grounds.

'Scrap Saturday' collections have become hugely popular as a fundraising vehicle for clubs across the country.

They involve members of the clubs and householders from the local community depositing unwanted items -- from old lawnmowers to engines -- in the club, which then sells them on at a profit to collectors.

One midlands club pocketed up to €20,000 for their collection within the last couple of weeks, while the common target for such a venture would be between €5,000 and €10,000 -- invaluable to the many clubs which are struggling to finance their operations in the current climate.

But a note from Croke Park which has been distributed to all clubs has stressed that such collections should not be permitted because of insurance issues.

"The Insurance Work Group have been advised that units are engaging in collection of scrap metal (household and other waste) as a fundraising activity," the note reads.

"This activity is not covered by the association's liability insurance coverage. In addition, GAA/association properties should not be used under any circumstance for the collection or storage of such material."

Financially hard-pressed clubs may be able to pick up some ideas from a seminar being hosted by MyClubFinances.com in the City West Hotel on Wednesday next, March 2 (7.30).

Clubs will be shown the potential to raise extra finance online at the seminar, which is free to attend.

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