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Furious Ulster seeking return of inter-pros to GAA calender

Ulster are determined to fight for the retention of the inter-provincial championships, whose fate will be decided at the GAA's next Central Council meeting.

Ulster Council secretary Danny Murphy has issued a stinging rebuke to those who want to scrap the competitions, contending that it would be a big mistake. He also points to the success of the provincial model in rugby.

"We are in danger of eroding another element that evokes pride of place, namely the intention to discontinue the inter-provincial championships that have been a source of motivation to our provinces. This is recognised by one of our competitor sports where recent developments are based on provincial recognition.


"The demise of the series is seen as progress, but it will be a loss to the GAA as we will lose the linkage to our provinces," he writes in his annual report.

Expressing disappointment that the series was not played in 2010, he said Ulster had always been committed to the competition. He also claims that the "interaction with Australian Rules is flawed and cannot contribute to the development of a game that is other than manufactured."

While Murphy's passion for retaining the inter-provincials is unquestioned, there's no such enthusiasm from his Connacht counterpart, John Prenty.

He devoted a mere two lines to them in his annual report, clearly implying that it was time to apply the humane killer. "As a point of information, the inter-provincials were not played last year. Did anybody notice," wrote Prenty.

Central Council decided a few weeks ago to consult further with provincial councils and to make a decision on whether to scrap or retain the inter-provincials at the next meeting before the start of Congress in Mullingar on April 15.

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