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Fixtures computer needs booting

REMEMBER the pre-millennium Y2K scares when dire warnings of planes falling from the sky and computers melting at midnight were being peddled by 'experts' who claimed to know how to avoid such catastrophes. A large fee applied, of course.

It all proved unfounded, although one rogue computer may have escaped and waited over a decade to strike.

What else can explain the strange shape of the Allianz Football League fixture list?

Armagh, Mayo, Laois, Offaly, Louth, Leitrim, Carlow and London all have their first two games at home, whereas Cork, Galway, Cavan, Limerick, Sligo, Roscommon and Kilkenny are away for their two opening games.

It gets even more lop-sided than that. Kerry will be away in four of their next five games, Dublin at home in four of their next five. Galway and Roscommon have four of their first six games away; Mayo are at home in three of their first four. Cavan have four of their first five away; Limerick have four of their last five at home.

Whatever happened to ensuring that the first four games were shared alternatively on a home-and-away basis, giving everybody the same chance heading into second half of the league? Computers, how are you!

Irish Independent