Monday 20 November 2017

Dublin: NFL to date

Dublin 1-12 Kerry 1-10


"There's no point in doing this and then going out and playing brutal. We've got to find consistent performances" -- Pat Gilroy warning against flash-in-the-pan syndrome.

Dublin 1-11 Derry 0-7

Parnell Park

"It was messy, we were all over the place in the first half. In fairness, we were a lot better in the second half" -- Gilroy contrasts 'a game of two halves.'

Dublin 1-9 Mayo 1-8


"We were a bit lucky" -- Gilroy makes an honest admission about a game where the wides count was 18-3 for Mayo.

Dublin 2-11 Monaghan 1-9

Parnell Park

"We are trying to get guys to work hard all the time. That's the important thing; no one was shirking their duties" -- Gilroy was happy with the effort after a fourth successive win.

Cork 2-13 Dublin 2-6

Pairc Ui Rinn

"We were very naïve in some of the things we did" -- Gilroy reflects on the first League setback.

Galway 1-14 Dublin 0-14

Parnell Park

"In the first 20 minutes we had great chances and probably should have been 2-5 or 3-5 to a point up. Then they got a serious period of dominance when we started doing stupid things with the ball and we started falling back on ourselves again" -- Gilroy wondered how Dublin lost after making a great start.

Players used (31)

S Cluxton, M Savage, K Nolan, P Conlon, R O'Connell, P McMahon, M Fitzsimons, H Gill, P Griffin, G Brennan, B Cahill, C O'Sullivan, J McCarthy, J Brogan, D Nelson, E Fennell, R McConnell, D Magee, A Hubbard, M McAuley, P Flynn, K Bonner, D Henry, B Kelly, K McManamon, B McManamon, B Brogan, D Kelly, T Diamond, P Casey, C Keaney.


B Brogan 3-23 (0-14f), K McManamon 3-5,

E Fennell 0-8, P Flynn 1-3, R McConnell 0-4, A Hubbard 0-4, M McAuley 0-3, C Keaney 0-3 (0-2f), B Kelly 0-3 (0-2f), B McManamon 0-2, K Bonner 0-2, D Nelson, D Magee, C O'Sullivan 0-1 each.

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