Thursday 23 November 2017

Donaghy calls on 'too nice' Kerry to use more 'tricks'

Kieran Donaghy
Kieran Donaghy

Donnchadh Boyle gaelic games

KERRY star Kieran Donaghy insists the Kingdom are "too nice" when it comes to the more cynical side of Gaelic football.

While admitting that the Kingdom used some of the game's 'dark arts' in their qualifier win over Tyrone in the summer, Donaghy believes they have been too slow on the uptake.

"We have to strike the balance of playing the good football that Kerry people want to see and also knowing the little tricks of the trade that everyone else has picked up. We are too green, too nice and that might catch us out," insists the Austin Stacks man (pictured).

"(The Tyrone game) was talked about as the most cynical game of all time, but it was only doing to them what they did to us over the years, which was to get in their face and play the tougher part of the game where you make it difficult for them and stop the quick free being taken."

However, he believes football would be better served were those elements removed from the game completely, pointing to how the AFL deal with similar incidences.

"The slowing down of frees is the big problem. And the rule in Aussie Rules is the best one. It's a 50m penalty if there's any back-chat or shouting, referees just don't take it.

"It brings in respect for referees, which is hard to do if there is no real punishment, which is the case at the minute. If you kick it away or don't give it back into the other team's hands, it's the same."

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