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Decies show firepower

WATERFORD 4-17 DUBLIN 1-3 MUCH done, more to do. That was the assessment offered by Waterford manager Justin McCarthy following his side's 23-point victory over Dublin at Walsh Park on Saturday evening.

With a resurgent Tony Browne, a more settled Fergal Hartley and a greater attacking cohesiveness noticeable in Waterford's performance, it appears that the Deisemen are heading in the right direction.

But McCarthy, ever the realist, knows that headier tasks lie ahead, starting with their trip to Ennis next week which will determine who tops Section B.

"We got some good scores and even though we were slow enough to settle early on we came into the game well and overall it was a decent enough display," he said.

"Playing against the wind was that much easier for us and we opened up the play as much as we could.

"There was some very good passages of play but overall we'd want to be winning by that sort of score against Dublin. We've a long way to go yet."

A collective groan was emitted from the home crowd when news filtered through of Clare's narrow escape against Offaly.

But McCarthy was pragmatic when discussing next Sunday's trip to Ennis for what has effectively become a pool-topping 'final'. "Clare at home are going to be a different kind of proposition and we have to be geared for that and not get carried away with a result like tonight's."

SCORERS - Waterford: P Flynn 1-3 (0-3f), J Mullane, S Prendergast 1-2, E Kelly 0-4, P O'Brien 1-0, K McGrath (1 '65'), E McGrath 0-2 each, T Browne, J Kennedy 0-1 each. Dublin: J Kingston 1-0, D Curtin 0-2 (2f), T McGrane 0-1.

WATERFORD - S Brenner; T Feeney, F Hartley, J Murray; T Browne, K McGrath, E Murphy; B Phelan, E Kelly; D Shanahan, M Walsh, P Flynn; J Mullane, S Prendergast, E McGrath. Subs: D Coffey for Murphy, J Kennedy for Walsh, B Wall for Browne, P O'Brien for E McGrath, D Bennett for Prendergast.

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DUBLIN - G Maguire; G O'Meara, S Hiney, J Cullen; D O'Reilly, R Fallon, S O'Shea; D Russell, T Moore; S McDonnell, M Breathnach, D Curtin; T McGrane, M Carton, E Carroll. Subs: G Bennett for O Shea, E Moran for McDonnell, P Carton for McGrane, J Kingston for Breathnach, S Mullen for Curtin.

REF - B White (Tipperary).

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