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Counties face Duffy decision

A month of serious reflection lies ahead in every county before their leaders return to Croke Park at the end of February to begin the real work in the battle against illegal payments to team managers, WRITES MARTIN BREHENY.

Senior county board officers were briefed on the finer details of Paraic Duffy's report into payments at a meeting on Saturday before being asked to report back to their clubs. Each county will be invited to express a view as to what direction the war on illegal payments should take. They were given the option of deciding which one of Duffy's suggestions they would support or, alternatively, to make new proposals.

A special committee will consider all the submissions before coming up with a set of proposals to go before Central Council. GAA president Christy Cooney said last week that he expects Central Council will have considered the issue before he completes his term at Congress in mid-April.

Last Saturday's meeting was a low-key affair as officers were reluctant to deal with the Duffy proposals until they had a chance to discuss them at local level.

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