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Connacht await London FBD call

Connacht GAA officials have drawn up two sets of fixtures for the FBD League in January as efforts continue to have London participate in the provincial competition.

London, who participate in the Connacht championship every year in addition to the National League, are due to make a decision next week on whether to enter the FBD League.

Connacht Council secretary John Prenty said they have been working with London officials in an effort to find a way for the Exiles to take part.

"Discussions are ongoing but ultimately it is up to London to decide whether they want to participate, but we will do everything we can to assist them," said Prenty.

Connacht have drawn up two sets of fixtures, one of which includes London participating, in an effort to give the Exiles more time to make a decision.

Prenty said that London would have to travel to Connacht for all games, but the proposed schedule has them playing a game on a Friday and again on a Sunday.

"That would mean they would only have to make two trips to Ireland to play four matches," added Prenty.

The FBD League is due to start on Sunday, January 8, but if London participate it will get under way on Wednesday, January 4. London will then play two games that weekend in Ireland and return the following Friday, January 13, when they will play another two games.

The FBD League home final is scheduled for January 29, with the winners travelling to the United States to play New York in the overall final next October.

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