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Colfer firepower leaves Cats scalded

My oh my, what are Kilkenny to think this morning?

This was a shoot-out between the 'basement boys' of the division and sweet-moving London left their opponents a whopping 38 points behind.

The visitors were neat and well focused throughout. They opened smartly with a nice point from Lorcan Mulvey after 50 seconds and they didn't stop motoring until the elegant Lloyd Colfer cracked home their last goal in the last minute.

In between, Kilkenny were simply overrun. No more than four minutes had passed and the difference was already 1-2 to 0-0, Eoin O'Neill having smashed home a lovely goal to finish lovely approach work by Kevin O'Leary and Mulvey.

On London charged. At half-time they led by 3-15 to 0-4. Colfer already had 1-5 credited to his account, while front-line partner O'Neill had 1-4.

The trend continued unabated in the second period.

Man of the Match: L Colfer (London)

SCORERS -- London: L Colfer 2-10 (4f), E O'Neill 1-4, K O'Leary 1-0, L Mulvey, P McGolderick 0-3 each, S Hannon, S Doolin, M Mullins, M Gottsche 0-2 each, C McCallion, S Kelly 0-1 each. Kilkenny: M Malone 0-2, R O'Hara, D Prendergast 0-1 each.

LONDON -- E Byrne 5; P Sherry 5, S McVeigh 5, N Burke 5; M Gottsche 7, S Mulligan 7, S Hannon 7; L Mulvey 8, A Rafferty 6; S Doolin 6, G Crowley 6, P McDermott 6; K O'Leary 6, E O'Neill 8, L Colfer 10. Subs: P McGolderick 5 for O'Neill (39), C McCallion 5 for McDermott (41), M Mullins 5 for Mulvey (51), S Kelly 5 for Crowley (58), T Gaughan for Hannon (58).

KILKENNY -- JJ O'Sullivan 6; D Grennan 5, P Donnelly 5, JJ Grace 5; J Dollard 5, M Malone 6, O Walsh 5; R O'Hara 6, K Bergin 5; S Duggan 5, J Grennan 5, R Shore 5; J Fennelly 5, J Culleton 5, J Cullinane 5. Subs: D Prendergast 6 for P Donnelly (inj, 12), K O'Brien for S Duggan (inj, 47), P McBride for JJ Grace (56), C Tyler for J Grennan (56), R O'Keeffe for J Culleton (65).

REF -- B Tyrrell (Tipperary)

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