Friday 19 January 2018

Capital's streets transformed into sea of blue as Sam returns

Mary Cuffe and Susan Mannion
Mary Cuffe and Susan Mannion
Dublin fans Amy, Mary and Christine Lynch
John Walsh and Matthew Walsh (7), both from Co Limerick
Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Fiona Ellis

IT came down to the wire but in the end the Boys in Blue clinched Sam for yet another year.

Dublin fans were buoyant after the win and streamed out of Croke Park stadium, a sea of blue chanting and cheering.

Elaine Jordan from Tallaght and Mary Moriarty from Rathfarnham said they were on the edge of their seats for the duration of the clash.

"It was heart racing stuff," said Mary. "It was very tense, but it still was a great atmosphere. My nails are gone."

"Amazing, it was great," said Elaine. "It was a really good result in the end for the Dubs."

Dublin fans for life, Emma Garrett and Rachel Feeney, both 16, from Santry said the Dublin squad picked up the pace in the second half.

"They really came out in the second half. I really thought Mayo were going to get it, but in the end Dublin turned up and they played the way we know they can play," said Rachel.

"We play gaelic ourselves, and we wouldn't miss the final," said Emma. "We almost didn't get tickets but we got two at the last minute so we were so happy."

Paul Pollard from Dublin and daughter Stella, (10) have been to all the games in the championship together.

"I thought it was fantastic, it was a very tight game," Paul said. He said he was on tenterhooks "until the final whistle."

"The fans were fantastic, on both sides I must say. When Dean Rock came on it really changed the game for Dublin, it really upped the pace."

Mayo supporter Una Cashman from Rathfarnham attended the game with her two sons Ciaran (14) and Enda (12) who are both die-hard Dublin fans. Una said her sons give her a hard time for supporting "poor" Mayo "all the time".

"There's no dinners in our house all this week," she laughed.

"It was a close game," said Ciaran. "In the second half Dublin played much better I think." The game was "class" his brother agreed.

The most colourful Mayo fans on the day were Martina Loftus and Pauline Daly decked out in jerseys, flags and a novelty hat. They stayed upbeat despite their team's close defeat at the hands of The Boys in Blue.

"We thought Mayo would get a goal at the end and put us right after 62 years but we'll have to wait another year. With the help of god we'll be back," said Martina

"I just thought the Dubs were as dirty as normal," said Pauline. "It was a great game but a lot of decisions didn't go to Mayo."

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