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Board rebuked as Mayo unveil radical five-year plans

The appointment of a director of coaching and a commercial director are among the key recommendations of Mayo's detailed strategic action plan unveiled over the weekend.

A non-executive advisory group to the Mayo County Board, which would oversee implementation of the five-year plan, has also been proposed -- a move that is sure to meet with objections by certain sections of the existing board.

The plan, which covers the next five years, will aim to see most of the main recommendations implemented by the end of 2011.

But there is a rebuke from the committee charged with producing the report to the county board for the "inadequacy" of the financial information they provided.

The committee, chaired by former Irish Independent Gaelic games correspondent Liam Horan, suggested in their report overview that this made it "difficult" to carry out a proper review.

"The inadequacy of the information provided by Mayo County Board made it very difficult for our finance and funding committee to carry out a proper review," the report reads.

"Virtually all of the information we received was already in the public domain and did not help our committee in any significant manner.

"Accordingly, our first key recommendation is to propose a full independent and professional review of the finances of Mayo GAA and the creation of a five-year financial and fundraising plan."

The committee estimates that a near 50pc increase, or €900,000, in income will have to be generated to "meet obligations on McHale Park with a further €500,000 required over the next 10 years. Income for 2010 was €2m.

One of the key recommendations is an "independent and professional review" of the county's finances under the direction of the proposed non-executive advisory group.

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In all, there are 75 recommendations covering a broad range of areas that engaged 10 different sub-committees.

These include coaching and games development, the development of high-potential players specifically in the 18-22 age group, club-board relations and structures, finance and funding, public relations, harnessing support of Mayo people worldwide, using Mayo GAA as a stimulator of economic activity, hurling and secondary schools.


Mayo County Board will discuss the plan at their next board meeting in two weeks' time, where the committee hopes it will be given the green light for implementation.

There are, however, concerns being expressed about the legitimacy in rule at some of what is being proposed and whether the positions of director of coaching and commercial director can carry executive powers.

In their overview, the committee recommends that "in instances where our recommendations may potentially be in conflict with GAA rules, Mayo GAA should change, or lobby to change, those rules."

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