Sunday 18 March 2018


NFL 2010

Killarney: Dublin 1-12 Kerry 1-10

"There's no point in doing this and then going out and playing brutal. We've got to find consistent performances."

The start of the search for stability.

Parnell Park: Dublin 1-11 Derry 0-7

"It was messy. We were all over the place in the first half. In fairness, we were a lot better in the second half."

This used to be the type of game Dublin often lost.

Castlebar: Dublin 1-9 Mayo 1-8

"We were a bit lucky."

Lucky? The wides tally was 18-2 in Mayo's favour.

Parnell Park: Dublin 2-11 Monaghan 1-9

"We are trying to get guys to work hard all the time. That's the important thing: no-one was shirking their duties."

A fourth straight win was untypical of Dublin's league profile for the last decade.

Pairc Ui Rinn: Cork 2-13 Dublin 2-6

"We were very naive in some of the things we did."

A first belt of reality for Dublin.

Parnell Park: Galway 1-14 Dublin 0-14

"In the first 20 minutes we had great chances and probably should have been 2-5 or 3-5 to a point up. Then they got a serious period of dominance when we started doing stupid things with the ball."

Take you chances or die.

Omagh: Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-11

"We've probably learned to be a bit better defensively when we've concentrated on it. We still know that there is a gap between us and the top guys but when you see something like today you feel we're making progress and closing that gap."

A feel-good factor after five wins. Dublin finished level on points at the top of the table with Cork and Mayo but missed a place in the final on scoring difference.


"Progress this year would be that whenever we leave the championship, we'll have given a very good performance. We can't have another capitulation as we had for the last two years. But, to be honest, an All-Ireland is not a realistic target this year."

Gilroy in conservative mode as he lays out his championship ambitions in an Irish Independent interview.


Croke Park: Dublin 2-16 Wexford 0-15 (after extra-time)

"You fear that kind of performance when you're off for two months; you fear what way you are going to come out and I suppose the one thing was that the team managed to keep its composure, even though we weren't playing well."

Gilroy in relieved mood after surviving in extra-time. But how did the game plan which had worked in the league come so badly unstuck?

Croke Park: Meath 5-9 Dublin 0-13

"That group doesn't feel like they did themselves justice and I think in two weeks' time we should get a very good reaction."

A capitulation of similar proportions to 2008 and 2009.

Croke Park: Dublin 1-21 Tipperary 1-13

"To score what we did was pretty good but in terms of going further in the championship we probably conceded too much."

Gilroy makes it clear where his focus would rest on the training ground in the following week.

Croke Park: Dublin 0-14 Armagh 0-11

"Maybe people thought the lads had doubts about themselves but they didn't. The mood over the past few weeks has been great."

Gilroy senses a rising tide.

Croke Park: Dublin 2-14 Louth 0-13

"We are probably better prepared than we might have been had we won the Leinster championship. I think we are playing more as a team than this time last year."

Gilroy sees merit in the back-door route. Bring on the quarter-final!

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