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Banks put pressure on GAA clubs


GAA director of finance Tom Ryan

GAA director of finance Tom Ryan

GAA director of finance Tom Ryan

FEARS that GAA club officers could come under personal pressure from banks, arising from loans and other debts, have been allayed by the association's director of finance, Tom Ryan.

Some clubs have claimed that their officers were warned by banks that they could be personally liable for debts.

However, Ryan said that while club trustees might have signed a loan agreement, they were only doing so on behalf of the club and could not be held personally responsible.

"They have no personal exposure. As long as everything has been done properly, they are indemnified," said Ryan.

All GAA units -- and indeed their equivalents in other sporting organisations -- have come under increasing financial pressure over the last few years with many having large debts.

The fear that individuals might be personally liable in any way would almost certainly lead to a huge reduction in the number of people taking up positions in clubs but, according to Ryan, that is not an issue in the GAA as officers are indemnified.

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