Monday 20 November 2017

Another All Star cock-up

John Greene

John Greene

Y OU can set your calendar by it. Every year around this time when the two All Star teams are announced, you can be certain that one of the two teams will cause controversy. This year was no exception -- only that when the football team was made public last Wednesday, it was greeted with derision, not controversy.

We all like to sit around and pick our best 15, of the year, of the month, of the decade, or whatever, and it's a bit of harmless fun. Our teams can be as illogical as we like and it doesn't matter -- no harm done.

This is not the case with the All Stars. This is the team in each code which will be remembered as THE team of the year, the one with the 15 best players in hurling and football in a season, and therefore there is an onus on the selectors to produce a team with credibility.

This did not happen last week and the All Stars are discredited as a result.

There are certainly four -- and arguably six -- of the football team who simply should not be there, where it is hard to imagine any case that can be made for their inclusion. One must acknowledge there will always be an anomaly or two in any exercise such as this, but the sheer scale of inexplicable awards is hard to fathom.

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