Friday 19 January 2018

Allen lashes GAA for rapping Nemo knuckles


WHILE Nemo Rangers await the outcome of an official GAA investigation into how the Irish rugby team came to train at their state-of-the-art facilities in the Trabeg Sports Centre, Dinny Allen has hit out at the Association for over-reacting.

Under GAA rules, clubs are barred from allowing rugby or soccer teams to use their facilities and, bizarre as it seems, the famous Cork outfit could pick up an automatic suspension.

"I can't speak for the club as I'm not an officer but I have spent my sporting life with Nemo and I haven't heard of anything as silly as this," said the four-time All-Ireland club winner and former Cork dual star.

"I know that many members feel the same way. The GAA must be worried that clubs all over the land will start leaving rugby and soccer teams into their grounds to train. Are they worried that we in Nemo will dilute the Association?

"They have to trust us," Allen added. "Let them come down here some Saturday morning and they'll see the work we're putting into youngsters in hurling and football. We're promoting our own games in the correct manner. We were good to our rugby neighbours, but Gaelic games are our priority and we have always showed that.

"We don't need a rap on the knuckles from above to know where our priorities lie and we're very conscious of promoting our games. It's just ridiculous that there's an investigation ongoing."

And the Cork legend warned that if any action was taken against the club, it would cause a wave of negative publicity. "I was talking to a few of my friends from the club and we're not in least worried about what could happen. If anything does materialise from this the club will come out with all guns blazing.

"I really feel we're getting tied up in knots with rules. We're going by stuff that was compiled 40 years ago. What will it come to? We have 21st birthday parties in the clubhouse at weekends -- will we be asked not to play foreign music?"

Allen's former team-mate Colin Corkery also warned the GAA that they would open a can of worms if they took action against his club.

"It is a total and utter two-faced situation where they are making millions themselves out of bringing rugby into Croke Park and everybody else then has to go by the rule book," Corkery said.

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