Tuesday 24 October 2017

Chelsea's Jose Mourinho uses match programme notes to deliver heartfelt tribute to his son

Manager reminds fans that he is not just their manager, but also a father

Jose Mourinho has written a moving tribute to his son in his programme notes for today's match against Norwich City, Chelsea's final home match of the season.

Instead of writing about his side's flaws in their 3-1 Champions League defeat by Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night, Mourinho has decided to dedicate the page to the youngster, Jose Jr, who sits just three seats behind the dugout every game at Stamford Bridge.

The manager wrote: "I know this space is to communicate with you fans, but one of you is my son.

I want to tell him thanks for being with me every second of every match, a few metres behind me, jumping for every goal; hurt by every difficult moment.

Thank you, kid, for being my kid.

Every time I look at you, I see you, but I also see your sisters and your mum, both at home but also playing with us, both waiting for us to go home and to be what we are - an amazing family...like the blue family, supporting each other."

Mourinho reminded all the aggrieved Chelsea supporters that he not just their manager, but someone's father too.

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