Tuesday 17 September 2019


John Comyn

What is Ireland's top congress?

Hard to answer that one, but having missed Bray last year due to holidays, I was assured by several top players that they had played in a brilliant event, due in no small measure to organiser-in-chief Anne Daly.

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So, it is Bray time again next weekend, starting with mixed pairs on Friday and continuing with Swiss Pairs on Saturday and teams on the last day.

I see where they have €7,000 on offer in prize money. Now that is not to be sneezed at.

Anyway, since entries have to be restricted, take my advice and enter as soon as possible to Bray Bridge Club, the CBAI centre site, or Anne Daly at 086-2596889.

To finesse or not to finesse can be a big problem, what do you do on this hand and why?

Bidding (NS vul) S W N E 1H2NT 4H 5C 5HP6H P P P

Remember W has shown both minors, so will definitely be short in Hearts. Now ask yourself will W bid 2NT on a 9-count.

There is also the DK to be taken into account.

Maybe, but at least you have a reason to drop the singleton K.


♠ A42

♥ 97532

♦ KJ95

♣ J


♠ - ♠ QJ10876

♥ K ♥ 86

♦ A8732 ♦ 104

♣ KQ109764 ♣ 853


♠ K953

♥ AQJ104

♦ Q6

♣ A2

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