Tuesday 17 September 2019


John Comyn

Peter O'Meara may have stepped down as president of the CBAI, having been replaced by Neil Burke, but he has left a very worthwhile legacy in the shape of a countrywide plan to develop the game.

This development plan includes all regions and will be under the control of Seamus Costello.

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All those interested in getting involved with this good idea should contact Seamus on 01 8492280 or at shaybridge@gmail.com.

Alternatively, they could contact their own regional secretary.

'Bridge Week' (August 16-25) has been set aside for these activities, and the idea is to attract new players and encourage all those already playing.

Here is a hand from the Dublin Congress teams that beggars description of the final contract.

You won't find many more solid Grand Slams.

Bidding (both vul)

WNES 1DP1SP 3CP3SP 3NT All pass

Maybe a grand is pushing it a bit, but to stay out of any slam is incomprehensible.

That SQ is invaluable after partner bids 3S...

4C is so obvious on the W hand.

Mind you, a few teams were not in even 6D which makes you wonder.


♠ 743

♥ QJ104

♦ 4

♣ Q9876


♠ Q ♠ AK10986

♥ A2 ♥ 975

♦ AQJ103 ♦ K52

♣ AJ1043 ♣ 5


♠ J52

♥ K863

♦ 9876

♣ K2

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