Friday 23 August 2019


John Comyn

The international season is over, and it has to be said it was not a good one. The question is what can we do about it?

I don't really know, except finding replacements at all levels, and that won't be easy. We don't have enough juniors coming on as replacements for the incumbents, especially the ladies' teams.

The English domination of almost every championship from under-20 up was notable, so one wonders about coaching.

The general standard of Bridge in Ireland has dropped to a very worrying level, but what is alarming is the lack of involvement in our major championships by so many of our leading players. They don't appear to be interested.

Killarney's international congress kicked off yesterday and continues all week until next Sunday. Entries to Phyllis O'Regan at 087-9312065.

The late, great Pat Walshe had a wonderful expression that is now generally ignored. "Is there game on partner; No, then shut up". Here is a hand I came across recently:

Bidding (both vul)


1H 2S P 2NT

P 4S X P P P

What a misfit and terrible overbidding by W.

A penalty of 800 served them right.

Those hearts are useless in the W hand.

The 2S was strong.


♠ A10

♥ AQJ42

♦ 1083

♣ J43


♠ 6♠ KQ9854

♥ K109763♥ 85

♦ 9765♦ AJ4

♣ K9♣ AQ


♠ J732

♥ - ♦ KQ2

♣ 1087652

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