Thursday 25 April 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: There’s nothing you can spend money on to create a great place to work

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What is the secret to creating a great work environment and running a profitable business?  It’s about developing strong, high-trust relationships and great businesses are built around this, says Bob Lee, author of The Trust Rules, who joins Brian Purcell on this week’s Ready Business podcast.

“It’s about achieving your goals by helping other people achieve theirs.  We all do our best work when we feel comfortable doing it,” Lee explains. “We achieve strong relationships outside of work, so why should it be any different in work?  People will give out about their managers or co-workers the most and the best companies are those who bring out the best in people.”

Best of all, says Lee, it’s not about money and shouldn’t cost business owners anything.

“There’s nothing that you spend money on that will create a great place to work.  If you have a bad workplace, money won’t solve that.  You have to create the right culture and tone first and that can be done without any money.”

For managers and owners, the most important thing to remember is around promises being broken to employees.

“The most common mistakes managers make are around promises,” he says.  “The best way to break less promises is to make less promises, said Napoleon Bonaparte.  Think before you promise.  It’s the small things that affect people such as, ‘let me think about it’ which is really code for ‘I’m going to forget about it’.  Or ‘give me five minutes and I’ll get back to you’ but it’s not really meant.”

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