Thursday 25 April 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'The key to success is naivety & stubbornness' Jules Coleman on building a £27m company

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'One night when I struggled to find a piano teacher in London I had a business idea for an Amazon of local services. But I was a management consultant and all I knew was how to make Powerpoint slides! I knew though, I couldn’t be doing this job in fifteen years time.'

On this week's show, Jules Coleman tells Brian Purcell how she moved to London and went from being a management consultant to setting up the online services platform, Hassle, and selling it for £27m in just five years.

She is now involved in another start-up, this time with house extensions, called Resi, and she has some great insights into what turned Hassle from a nearly-ran to a booming success.

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(From L-R) Jules Coleman (Co-founder and CTO), Nick Stockley (Commercial Director), Rich Morgan (Design Director) Alex Depledge (Co-founder and CEO)

‘The key to success is naivety and stubbornness,’ she says. ‘Knowing too much is not helpful. In many ways you have to learn as you go and take things on board. You have to just go out there and trust your gut instinct. You will make mistakes but you just have to move ahead.’

Jules trusted her instinct when she left her job to develop Hassle further but says, ‘On paper it was a terrible decision but I just had to jump and see if my idea would work.’

The platform initially started offering twenty-seven services and it was only when they saw it was cleaning that people searched for the most they realised that’s where they needed to focus. Five years later Jules and her co-founders exited for £27m proving they were right. 

‘Focus on one thing and do it well,’ she says. ‘If you can’t solve one problem for somebody, you’ll never solve a more general problem.’

Ultimately though, only you can decide if entrepreneurship is for you.

‘Know yourself and what makes you happy,’ says Jules. ‘Follow that and it’s the most likely way you will be successful.’

Check out more of Jule's tips for success below:

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