Monday 14 October 2019

THE READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'Realise the crossroads between must and should- you always have to go down the road of must'

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On this week's show, Brian Kenny of MiniCorp, joins Brian Purcell to discuss entrepreneurship, millennials, business passion and standing out from the crowd.

"There's a reason I go around town on an electric skateboard and have a yellow iPhone with an orange strap," he says. "It’s 100% to get noticed and for people to ask ‘who is this guy and what the hell is he doing?’ I might look like an idiot but at least I stand out."

MiniCorp works with people’s ideas to help develop them into products and apps, but, working with people and ideas, he says the vogue of entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily a good thing.

“So many people want to start something to impress people but 12-18 months into the journey do you still have the passion to keep going?  Do you really care about the problem you want to solve?” he asks.

“Everybody is trying to start a business and come up with something, but are these businesses or ideas really needed?  Probably not.  Entrepreneurship is in vogue but people don’t really understand it.”

“You need to work until the sweat is coming out of you and you realise a week has gone by and you haven’t had a shower.”

So, how to succeed?  His top tips for business success are:

1. Investment. Hold back on giving up any of your equity in your business until you absolutely have to.

2. Learn people intimately, get to know them on a personal level and what makes them tick.  Everything in the world is about teamwork.

3. Passion. Everything is possible but only do the things you are completely passionate about.  Realise the crossroads between must and should and you always have to go down the road of must.

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