Wednesday 16 October 2019

The Ready Business Podcast: Don't take no for an answer. A no will eventually become yes if you don't give up.

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Luke Mackey of the mobile ordering app, Bamboo, explains how his app is taking advantage of the time-poor 25-35 year old office workers who don't want to wait in line for their coffee and lunch.

“Why not save yourself an hour a week by ordering from your desk or phone?” he says and explains why their focus on the hyperlocal coffee and lunch market in is paying dividends and quickly expanding both nationally and internationally.

The idea for Bamboo came about when he was getting tired of waiting at the back of the queue for his coffee.

“I’d be on my way to college every morning and stopping off at the local café, waiting at the back of the queue. Then I started texting the baristas in advance so it would be ready and waiting for me when I arrived and that’s how I first got the idea for Bamboo.”

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