Wednesday 19 June 2019

Sports stars are fans, but what sets Wyldsson apart in the healthy snack sector?

Wyldsson Founder, Dave McGeady
Wyldsson Founder, Dave McGeady

How has this Irish healthy food start-up grabbed a tasty slice of the healthy snack market in the UK? We met with the founder to find out.

Wyldsson make clean and healthy snacks that are available to buy online. They create natural clean foods, with no junk, that work as tasty snacks on-the-go.

Their ingredients include organic golden berries, organic Persian Mulberries, Californian pomegranate, superfood goji berries and mangoes from Guyana. We met the Wyldsson team and found out how they do business.

“We’re changing the way people eat. People are discovering that the way they eat has a profound effect on how they feel and how they operate as people. So by changing what they eat by giving them healthier options we’re helping people live better lives,” says Wyldsson founder, Dave McGeady.

The subscription model

The business was set up three years ago, and they quickly realised that a web store was the way to go. The online shop allows you to browse through their many products and order online. One very useful feature is the ability to Subscribe and Save, which gives you the opportunity to choose your favourite products and have them delivered to you every four weeks. There are many different subscription offerings out there, but this is a unique offering, putting the customer in control of what they want.

Going from strength to strength, Wyldsson rely on unfailing technology to keep their business running smoothly. Wyldsson now supply health food products to customers in 10 different countries, with the UK market accounting for over a third of sales. Digital marketing is a key aspect to their growth as their shop front is essentially online. Seamless connectivity and fast broadband by Vodafone allows them to fulfil orders on time and keep their delivery promises. They have to be online all the time to communicate with customers via email, chat, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Wyldsson use Vodafone’s Ultrafast Broadband, which allows their multiple staff members to be online all the time, without hiccups.

Their dazzling customer list is a testament to their success, from members Irish, English and Scottish National rugby teams as well as Ulster, Leinster and Harlequins players, Team Sky Cycling, pro-snowboarder Aimee Fuller, stars of LA Lakers and QPR plus plenty of GAA players.

The market for health snacks in the UK and Ireland is worth €1.3bn, and Dave McGeady intends to take his share of the market, with a goal to grow the UK share from 35pc to 70pc by the end of 2016.

“It’s a very bright future; the interest in healthier foods is going up and the interest in online shopping is going up, so we are at the centre of two really big trends,” added Dave.

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