Tuesday 25 June 2019

A rural fashion shop needs optimal connectivity to reach customers and suppliers

SEan Murray
SEan Murray

Sasha Kinch

Sean Murray Fashions is a family run business in rural Cork who relies on connectivity to make sales and place orders.

There is huge transformational potential for rural Ireland with the advent of ultra-high speed broadband availability. A series of reports sponsored by Vodafone Ireland explores the impact of a Gigabit Society on Ireland.

The Gigabit Society is one where citizens and businesses benefit from widespread connectivity of 1 Gigabit per second and beyond delivered by robust, reliable and future-proof fixed and mobile technologies. The benefits such connectivity can bring to rural and isolated areas are almost incalculable.

It will allow students to study from home; facilitate increased home-working; enable older people to continue living in their homes thanks to e-security and e-health technologies; make farms more efficient and profitable; open up new markets for SMEs in rural areas; and create job opportunities that will allow people remain at home rather than move to cities or abroad in the search for work.

All of this and more can be realised just with the technologies we already know about. Emerging machine to machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IOT), and data analytics are set to bring further even greater benefits. And that’s why gigabit connectivity is so important. Merely bringing rural Ireland up to the speeds enjoyed by towns and cities at present isn’t good enough in our rapidly changing world.

We have to move far beyond that to a situation where Skibbereen can compete with Singapore and Sligo with San Francisco and where the people of rural Ireland will have an opportunity to learn, work and live in a sustainable and fair society.

A keen example of a company that will continue to benefit from connectivity is Sean Murray Fashions, based in Skibbereen. They cater for menswear, ladies fashion, lingerie and household and suit hire. A family-run business, Murray Fashions continues to be successful. Skibberren is rural and beautiful. A small town, Sean Murray feels that most of his customers would know him. Much has changed in the industry since the shop was first opened, but change is good, so long as you can adapt to it and keep up with the pace.

Sean Murray Fashions is starting to rely on email and online bookings for their suit hires. Customer enquiries turn into leads and invoices are also often paid online. So Sean Murray Fashions needs to know that they can rely on their connectivity.

Watch Sean talk about his experience using technology as part of his business.


Download the full  Connected Futures report here.

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