Wednesday 17 July 2019

The Power of a Smile

Mother Teresa once shared an inspirational quote about the value of a smile: “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

This certainly rings true for Mary Flanagan and her husband Paul, as it was Mary’s warm smile that made Paul fall in love with her back in 2006. Mary had experienced problems with her teeth in the past, and she was told that getting work done would cost up to €60,000.

“I was then advised by a retired Irish dentist to visit Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary, where I made savings of over €40,000.

“Not only was I happy with the savings I had made, but I was also thrilled with my new smile. Plus, I had suffered a lot of pain in my teeth beforehand and was unable to eat certain foods because of it, but that pain is now gone.”


Setting a date

Paul, who was also suffering from dental problems at the time, knew Mary through mutual friends and had heard she had visited Kreativ Dental Clinic. He contacted her to ask if she would meet with him for advice on beginning his own dental journey.

“I was attracted to Mary because she was beautiful and intelligent, and had such a welcoming smile,” says Paul.

Mary adds, “On that first meeting with Paul, we got on so well that we barely discussed the information that we were actually there to talk about! So, we had to arrange a second meeting and things just blossomed from there.”

Three months after they got together, Mary decided to travel to Kreativ Dental Clinic with Paul, to keep him company and help to ease his fear of dentists. Mary and Paul were married in December 2011, and she says it was “the happiest day of our lives”.

“We couldn’t stop smiling.”

Soon after her wedding, Mary was inspired to become the Irish representative for Kreativ Dental Clinic. Today, she helps customers to secure the best-value flights to Budapest and book their free consultations.

Awarded ‘International Dental Clinic of the Year 2018’ by medical travel publication The International Medical Travel Journal, Kreativ Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental care for over 18 years. The clinic’s oral surgeons and dental specialists are experienced in their respective fields of dentistry, and treatments include implants, root canals, and full porcelain crowns, along with many other treatments.

Since the clinic’s inception, a second clinic called Kreativ Dental 2 opened its doors in 2015. Located beside the first clinic, it was built to help manage the high demand from patients worldwide. A third clinic has just been completed, which is set to open this year.

In addition to a free comprehensive consultation and OPG X-Ray, Kreativ Dental Clinic offers a written guarantee on all work, and aftercare is also provided in Ireland. Treatment costs will depend on a patient’s personal situation and a full breakdown of costs will be provided in writing. Patients can make savings of at least 60pc, and they can also claim tax back.


In the mood

Mary and Paul’s love story is unique, in the fact that it was their smiles that brought them together. But research has shown that a smile can make us appear more attractive. It lifts our own mood, as well as the moods of those around us.

“Many Irish people visit Kreativ Dental Clinic to achieve a healthy smile that they will feel confident with. Many of these people had an initial fear of dentists, but have ended up feeling relaxed during their treatment, and would look back and say it was all worth it.”

During a visit to Kreativ Dental Clinic, you are not under any pressure to go ahead with treatment. You can simply go over for a free consultation and decide what to do after meeting with the dental specialist.

Maybe you have a wedding coming up in the next year or two and you would like to have a confident smile for then. Or, perhaps it is something yourself and your partner have always wanted to do. Then, why not book a free consultation and treat it as a relaxing weekend break away to the beautiful city of Budapest? Budapest was recently named Best European Destination 2019 by European Best Destinations (EBD).

Whatever your personal reasons for achieving a smile you love, it might just be one of the best decisions you ever make.

For more information, visit the Kreativ Dental Clinic or call Mary Flanagan on (01) 805 5526 or (086) 029 9998.

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