Tuesday 23 January 2018

Start planning your September smile!

At some stage, summer is going to come to an end and, once again, autumn will be here.

But avoid getting into a summer slump and embrace September with a big smile. One way to do this is by planning a trip to Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest – not only will you have a short holiday to look forward to, but also new, healthy, glowing teeth

September, in a way, marks the beginning of a new year for many – new school year, new college year and, perhaps, even a new job. There’s an old saying that says a good smile “warms hearts and opens doors”.

Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or are about to begin a new course with strangers, an attractive and welcoming smile can make a positive first impression. If you’re unhappy or not very confident with the state of your smile, then why not consider doing something about it? Here are the reasons why a good place to start your new smile journey is at Kreativ Dental.

Popular demand

Today, more and more people are choosing to go abroad for dental care. And for good reason – you can often get treatment abroad for a snip of the price you’d pay here in Ireland. In fact, at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest, you can make savings of approximately 60pc.

Irish representative for the clinic and past patient, Mary Flanagan, says: “I was told by an Irish dentist that my only option was dentures and another told me getting work done would cost up to €60,000. I had so many problems with dentists over the years, and my teeth affected my confidence. I was advised to visit Kreativ Dental by a retired Irish dentist, and I ended up having eight implants and 26 porcelain crowns fitted at the much lower price-tag of €12,000, plus €400 for my flights.”

The clinic, which was voted the Best Dental Clinic in Europe in 2015, has welcomed approximately 3,000 patients from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK over 2016, along with many patients worldwide. And, with the increasing demand of the public, the only way the clinic could work efficiently and keep their high standards was to build an additional clinic, Kreativ Dental 2, beside the present clinic. It’s a development those looking for a new smile will be happy to hear.

Care and confidence

Kreativ Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental care and treatments – such as implants, root canal, and full porcelain crowns – for the last 17 years, by oral surgeons and dental specialists. The clinic conforms to, and often exceeds, the most stringent of EU regulations and requirements, and all dentists will ensure you receive quality care and treatment – they’ve even been known to help calm the nerves of those with a fear of dentists!

“When I arrived at Kreativ Dental, I felt my initial nerves and fear of dentists disappear,” says Irish model and actress Claire Tracey. “The clinic is like a hotel and the staff were so welcoming and lovely. They carried out an OPG x-ray, which was examined by the team of specialists, and gave me a treatment plan. There was no pain whatsoever throughout the treatment and I actually found that once one procedure was done, I was trying to find some other reason to go back to Kreativ Dental and Budapest!”

Relaxing retreat

It doesn’t have to be summer to plan a trip away – September is one of the nicest times to visit Budapest. The days are still warm but not as overbearingly hot as in August. Kreativ Dental Clinic is a perfect place to unwind.

Not only do both clinics have a relaxing spa-like atmosphere with a spacious garden, terrace and fish tanks, but they are based near the vibrant city of Budapest, giving patients the chance to explore.

Take a Danube cruise for panoramic views of Budapest, savour the local cuisine, take a dip in the Széchenyi Baths – one of Europe’s largest public baths – or do a spot of shopping on Váci Street. A new, healthy smile and a holiday in one – what more could you want?

In good company

Having been through the process herself 11 years ago, Mary is 100pc confident in recommending the clinic, and will even travel to Budapest with those patients who are nervous.

“I travel monthly to Budapest with patients and will be there to support you before you go, while you’re there and when you go home,” says Mary. “This service is unique to Kreativ Dental Clinic and its Irish patients. The clinic provides aftercare dentists in Ireland, and there is a written guarantee on all work, which includes flights and accommodation.

“The clinic is closed for holidays in the last two weeks in July, for continuity of care between patients and dentists. The next available accompanied trip will be on Sunday 17th September. However, if you are considering booking for any month, I would recommend you book at least two to three months beforehand, as these trips fill up quickly.”

For more information, visit kreativdentalclinic.eu or call Mary on (01) 805 5526 or (086) 029 9998.

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