Monday 11 December 2017

Sponsored Feature: PostFX™ Currency Card

Looking for a safe and convenient way to carry US Dollars when travelling to the States this summer?

We caught up with one of our customers, Judy Murphy, who has recently returned from America and brought An Post’s PostFX™ Currency Card with her, to find out how she got on.

There were a few factors involved in Judy’s decision to get a PostFX™ card for her travels. Top of this list was her realisation of the costs involved in using his credit card abroad, banks take a percentage on all spending on credit cards used when in the US and she was not willing the pay these additional fees. Another factor that influenced Judy’s decision was security. She felt much safer carrying her spending money on the PostFX™ Card than bringing large amounts of cash with her.

"Getting the card was very easy as all I needed to do was call into my local Post Office. It was important to remember that I needed to bring along some identification, proof of name and of address, in order to obtain the card. The total transaction took about 10 minutes."

Because Judy was travelling with her family she received an additional card in case the card was lost while abroad. She held on to one, while her husband looked after the other. This gave her great piece of mind knowing there was no chance they would be stuck for cash.

While abroad, Judy was happy to find that because the card is issued by MasterCard the PostFX™ Currency Card is widely accepted and she used it for public transport tickets, paying for meals, shopping at outlets, booking tickets for shows, and just about everything in between. “I didn’t use it to withdraw cash, but in a number of retail outlets I was offered the option of cash back.” 

Some benefits Judy discovered using the PostFX™ Currency Card was that it was extremely convenient and at any time she was able to check her balance online and over the phone to see how much she was spending. She never had to worry about hidden charges or fees as she would using a Credit Card. She also said that the PostFX™ Currency Card was a great way to save for the trip as she could top up the card every few weeks before her departure.

Asked if there was one piece of advice she would give to people taking the PostFX™ Card on holidays she said “Top your card up with the amount you expect to spend, and a little bit more for contingencies, but bring a small amount of cash.”

"I would highly recommend the card as it is safe, secure and it ensures you have total control on your spending."

Judy won’t be cashing in the remaining currency on her PostFX™ Card anytime soon, instead she will be topping it up to save for her trip to America next year.

To find out more about the PostFX™ Currency Card and how to get one visit

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