Tuesday 16 January 2018

Sims Clinic First to Offer IVF Breakthrough - Eeva™ Test - in Ireland

In Ireland, one in six couples have difficulty conceiving a child. According to the World Health Organisation, the medical definition of infertility is: ‘the failure to conceive following 12 months of unprotected intercourse.’ Global estimates of infertility affects between 50 and 80 million people.

Sims IVF has provided IVF treatment to couples in Ireland since 1997. The clinic now employs 60 staff with over 4,000 children born to patients attending Sims.

Sims IVF is the first fertility clinic in Ireland to offer a revolutionary new fertility test that can help tell by day 3 of the embryo’s development whether an embryo is likely to thrive.

The new technology, called Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva™) is now being used at the Sims IVF Fertility Clinic in Clonskeagh, Dublin.

The Eeva test is designed to improve in vitro fertilisation (IVF) outcomes by providing doctors with objective and quantitative information that better enables them to predict embryo viability. The technology means doctors have more information now to put the strongest embryos back into patients’ wombs, therefore increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Dr. David Walsh, Director and Consultant Gynaecologist at Sims IVF said that, “The Eeva test is the most significant breakthrough in IVF in recent decades.  Since ICSI, we have been waiting for a new technology that can have a transformative effect on infertility testing and treatment.    The Eeva test allows us to select embryos based on factual, objective scientific evidence – something which has not been available to us in the black box of the laboratory up to now.”

Eeva’s software analyses embryo development against scientifically and clinically validated cell-division parameters – providing critical information about the early days of embryo development.

Dr. Walsh said, “Eeva enables Sims IVF doctors to predict which embryos have the most chance of survival.    This may represent a significant financial saving for infertile couples who may otherwise go through repeated cycles of IVF before having a viable pregnancy.”

Graham Coull, Sims IVF Laboratory Manager said, “Before this new intelligent vision software was introduced, embryologists examined the embryos under a microscope once per day looking for markers to indicate the viability of the embryo.  There was no way of knowing which cell division actually took place and scientists now realise that the cell-division timings, which Eeva monitors regularly, are crucial to understanding the viability of the embryo.”

Dr. Walsh said the development of this technology is “revolutionary", adding: "You can never predict whether someone will have a healthy baby, but what Eeva can do is predict embryo viability with minimal intervention but without extended culture outside the womb - and with a high degree of accuracy.”

 Appointments for the new test are available from Sims IVF Tel. 01 208 0710 or go to www.sims.ie

Sims IVF is holding an Open Day on Sunday 3 March 2013 at Sims IVF Clonskeagh.  Go to www.sims.ie for further details on this and future Open Days.

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