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Monday 20 November 2017


The ultra-powerful portable media keyboards from Microsoft are designed for productivity and enjoyment.  These include the Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard, ideal for use with tablets and the new All-in-One Media Keyboard, designed to take advantage of Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

These keyboards are designed for the living room as well as the home office.  Portability is the key to these latest additions to Microsoft’s range of accessories, which are ideal for people who are travelling and on-the-go or simply relaxing and want to enjoy gaming or navigate through images and video content easily on their Smart TVs.

There are two designs available:

The Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard

The Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard has a minimalist look but features a full-sized keyset, Windows 8 hotkeys, a Windows Start key and media keys for easy control of music and video content.  It has a thin, lightweight design to make it easy to carry. 

The Wedge™ has a multi-purpose cover that powers down the device and is a perfectly portable companion for a tablet as it doubles as a tablet stand, allowing you to work or watch movies.  Utilising Bluetooth® connectivity, the keyboard works with most tablets and the light-touch keys are designed to offer fast, comfortable typing.

The All-in-One Media Keyboard

The All-in-One Media Keyboard has been created for business use in home offices, but also for leisure activities such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs.  This has a full-size keyset and an integrated multi-touch keypad to allow you to type, swipe, drag, zoom and click easily. There are also customisable media hotkeys.

The easy-to-use volume controls are designed to allow users to control the web, music, photos and movies with ease, with spill-resistant design to protect against food spillages and accidents.

Whether you want to increase your productivity or would like to make more of your leisure time, these two new Microsoft keyboards are a great choice to allow you to sit back and do more.

All accessories are available to purchase from PC World, Harvey Norman, Soundstore and DID stores nationwide.



Choosing a Mouse for your computer is all about design, comfort and fit for your work and lifestyle needs.  We focus on our top three Mouse choices from Microsoft, designed for people who are on-the-go:


1.  Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

This classic design, which can be easily used with either left or right hands, comes with a mini transceiver that can be stored in the mouse, for wireless connection and peace of mind.  This is a comfortable and familiar mouse and one big advantage is that it has a battery life of up to 5 months.  The Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 also includes a scroll wheel for easy navigation and is available in a variety of colours.


2.  Wedge™ Touch Mouse

The Wedge™ Touch Mouse is designed as a companion to the Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard and is minimalist and compact.  This stylish mouse offers ultimate portability, allowing users to be productive anywhere, anytime. With no USB transceiver the Wedge Touch Mouse connects directly to a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet, and BlueTrack technology means that it will work on virtually any surface. There is 4-way touch scrolling optimised for Windows 8 navigation and smart energy conservation which puts the mouse in ‘Backpack Mode’ whenever a device is shut down or hibernating, making it a powerful tool.

3. Arc Touch Mouse

Another innovatively designed mouse, the Microsoft Arc Touch is curved for comfort while in use, but it actually flattens when on the go, powering the device down and taking up virtually no room in a bag. This powerful mouse also incorporates a Touch strip which gives the user ultimate control, responding precisely to the speed of finger movement, and allows users to flick and tap to scroll and grab documents.  It has a stowable nano transceiver to give wireless freedom while the BlueTrack technology means that users can work on almost any surface.

All accessories are available to purchase from PC World, Harvey Norman, Soundstore and DID stores nationwide.

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